Bianca and Tyler Wedding Day

Every now and then you shoot a wedding and go "wow that was so amazing!" That's the only way I can describe Bianca and Tyler's wedding. So relaxed, great weather and one of the best venues I have had the pleasure of photographing - Bellwood Cottages in Nottingham Road is just such a gem of a wedding venue. Thank you Bianca & Tyler for giving me the honour of capturing your beautiful day.

Bianca & Tyler Wedding_-332.jpg
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Nashika and Rehaan Wedding day 4 November 2017

I just love photographing traditional weddings, there is so much culture and beauty in the different ceremonies and procedures, and the beautiful dresses and outfits make for a photographers dream. That's the only way I can describe Nashikas dress, absolutely beautiful. Photographing your wedding Nashika and Rehaan was and absolute pleasure and thank you for giving me the honor to capture it. You both have wonderful families and I wish you both the very best for your marriage and future together. Here are a few sneak peaks from the wedding day enjoy.

Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-22.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-5.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-7.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-10.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-9.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-11.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-13.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-14.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-15.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-16.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-17.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-20.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-18.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-21.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-24.jpg
Nashika & Rehaan wedding_-25.jpg

Clinton and Michelle Wedding Day 21 October 2017

What an amazing couple, Clinton & Michelle it was an absolute pleasure photographing your wedding for you. From doing your engagement shoot to the build up of your wedding day it has been a fun ride to see the final day day come to reality. The day was perfect, great family and friends and such light fun people to be around, it was an absolute blast capturing your special day and I wish only but the best for you both as you grow old together. Here are but a few great photos I took on your wedding day enjoy.

Clint and Michelle Wedding_-11.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_-3.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_-2.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_-4.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_-5.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_-7.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_-8.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_-9.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_-12.jpg
Clint and Michelle Wedding_-10.jpg
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Clint and Michelle Wedding_-17.jpg

Chantelle & Peet Wedding Day 30 September 2017

On a overcast Saturday on 30th September 2017 Peet and Chantelle committed themselves to each other in front of close friends and family. Chantelle and Peet were just amazing, both were so calm and relaxed and very excited to meet each other at the alter to say I do. Tears rolled down Peet's face as he saw his beautiful bride walk down the isle towards him, Chantelle looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. The weather played its part and gave me beautiful soft light for the creative shoot. Thank you Chantelle and Peet for choosing me to capture your special day and I can't wait to show you the beautiful pictures I got of you both. 

Wedding Photography 24.jpg
Wedding Photography.jpg
Wedding Photography 18.jpg
Wedding Photography 17.jpg
Wedding Photography 4.jpg
Wedding Photography 9.jpg
Wedding Photography 13.jpg
Wedding Photography 21.jpg
Wedding Photography 19.jpg
Chantelle & Peet Wedding_-24.jpg
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Louise Hunt Family Photo Shoot

Photo from a recent family photo shoot. This little girl was so cute and had me up for the challenge as she decided not to sit still at all haha. I got some lovely shots of her doing her own thing. For young kids the best photos of them are always the ones being when they caught unaware.

Louise Hunt-105.jpg

Mary-Leigh and Mike Engagement Photo Shoot

Such an amazing couple! What a fun engagement photo shoot, thank you Mary-Leigh and Mike for giving me the privilege of capturing these special moments for you.

The photos from the shoot are up on the website click the link here to see the photos.

Mary Leigh and Mike Engagement Photo Shoot-72.jpg

I'm so humbled to get reviews like this one from my bridal couple who's wedding was in July.

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make for your big day. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer than Darrel Collins . Besides his skill in taking the most beautiful shots and his professional approach , it was a fun and pleasant experience working with him and his team on the day . We highly recommend Darrel not only for your wedding day but for any shoot you desire . He is passionate about what he does and always strives for the best photo he can get . You will not regret it !!

Aaron and Christine Wedding day 12 August 2017

Its always such a pleasure to capture someones special day especially when you have got to know the couple, doing their engagement shoot and meeting with to discuss their special day. 

They were both such a pleasure to work with and i wish them only the best for their future together.